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《旄丘 - Mao Qiu》

English translation: James Legge [?]
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1 旄丘:
Mao Qiu:
The dolichos on that high and sloping mound; -
How wide apart are [now] its joints!
O ye uncles,
Why have ye delayed these many days?

2 旄丘:
Mao Qiu:
Why do they rest without stirring?
It must be they expect allies.
Why do they prolong the time?
There must be a reason for their conduct.

3 旄丘:
Mao Qiu:
Our fox-furs are frayed and worn.
Came our carriages not eastwards?
O ye uncles,
You do not sympathize with us.

4 旄丘:
Mao Qiu:
Fragments, and a remnant,
Children of dispersion [are we]!
O ye uncles,
Notwithstanding your full robes, your ears are stopped.

URN: ctp:book-of-poetry/mao-qiu