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Chinese Text Project
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《雄雉 - Xiong Zhi》

English translation: James Legge [?]
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1 雄雉:
Xiong Zhi:
The male pheasant flies away,
Lazily moving his wings.
The man of my heart! -
He has brought on us this separation.

2 雄雉:
Xiong Zhi:
The pheasant has flown away,
But from below, from above, comes his voice.
Ah! the princely man! -
He afflicts my heart.

3 雄雉:
Xiong Zhi:
Look at that sun and moon!
Long, long do I think.
The way is distant;
How can he come to me?

4 雄雉:
Xiong Zhi:
All ye princely men,
Know ye not his virtuous conduct?
He hates none; he covets nothing; -
What does he which is not good?

URN: ctp:book-of-poetry/xiong-zhi