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《論語 - The Analects》

[Spring and Autumn - Warring States] 480 BC-350 BC English translation: James Legge [?]
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[Also known as: "The Analects of Confucius", "The Confucian Analects"]

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ICS Lunyu
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(宋)朱子 論語精義《欽定四庫全書》本
(宋)蔡節 論語集說《欽定四庫全書》本
(元)許謙撰 讀論語叢說
[More (56 total)](魏)王肅注 孔子家語《四部叢刊初編》本
 1. 學而 - Xue Er
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 2. 為政 - Wei Zheng
 3. 八佾 - Ba Yi
 4. 里仁 - Li Ren
 5. 公冶長 - Gong Ye Chang
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 6. 雍也 - Yong Ye
 7. 述而 - Shu Er
 8. 泰伯 - Tai Bo
 9. 子罕 - Zi Han
 10. 鄉黨 - Xiang Dang
 11. 先進 - Xian Jin
 12. 顏淵 - Yan Yuan
 13. 子路 - Zi Lu
 14. 憲問 - Xian Wen
 15. 衛靈公 - Wei Ling Gong
 16. 季氏 - Ji Shi
 17. 陽貨 - Yang Huo
 18. 微子 - Wei Zi
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 19. 子張 - Zi Zhang
 20. 堯曰 - Yao Yue

Source: "The Chinese Classics, volume 1", James Legge, 1861

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