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《孫子兵法 - The Art of War》

[Spring and Autumn] 515 BC-512 BC Sun Wu English translation: Lionel Giles [?]
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ICS Sunzi
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(宋)吉天保編 孫子集注《四部叢刊初編》本
(漢)曹操 (唐)杜牧等撰 十一家注孫子
[More (3 total)] 武經七書《續古逸叢書》本
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 始計 - Laying Plans
 作戰 - Waging War
 謀攻 - Attack by Stratagem
 軍形 - Tactical Dispositions
 兵勢 - Energy
 虛實 - Weak Points and Strong
 軍爭 - Maneuvering
 九變 - Variation in Tactics
 行軍 - The Army on the March
 地形 - Terrain
 九地 - The Nine Situations
 火攻 - The Attack by Fire
 用間 - The Use of Spies

Source: "Sun Tzu on The Art of War", Lionel Giles, 1910

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