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《莊子 - Zhuangzi》

[Warring States] 350 BC-250 BC English translation: James Legge [?]
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[Also known as: 《南華真經》]

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(晉)郭象注 南華真經注疏
(晉)郭象注(唐)陸德明音義孫毓修撰札記 南華真經《四部叢刊初編》本
(清)宣穎撰 南華經解
[More (23 total)] 南華真經註疏《古逸叢書》本
 內篇 - Inner Chapters
  逍遙遊 - Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease
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  齊物論 - The Adjustment of Controversies
  養生主 - Nourishing the Lord of Life
  人間世 - Man in the World, Associated with other Men
  德充符 - The Seal of Virtue Complete
  大宗師 - The Great and Most Honoured Master
  應帝王 - The Normal Course for Rulers and Kings
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 外篇 - Outer Chapters
  駢拇 - Webbed Toes
  馬蹄 - Horses's Hoofs
  胠篋 - Cutting open Satchels
  在宥 - Letting Be, and Exercising Forbearance
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  天地 - Heaven and Earth
  天道 - The Way of Heaven
  天運 - The Revolution of Heaven
  刻意 - Ingrained Ideas
  繕性 - Correcting the Nature
  秋水 - The Floods of Autumn
  至樂 - Perfect Enjoyment
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  達生 - The Full Understanding of Life
  山木 - The Tree on the Mountain
  田子方 - Tian Zi-fang
  知北遊 - Knowledge Rambling in the North

 雜篇 - Miscellaneous Chapters
  庚桑楚 - Geng-sang Chu
  徐無鬼 - Xu Wu-gui
  則陽 - Ze-yang
  外物 - What comes from Without
  寓言 - Metaphorical Language
  讓王 - Kings who have wished to resign the Throne
  盜跖 - The Robber Zhi
  說劍 - Delight in the Sword-fight
  漁父 - The Old Fisherman
  列御寇 - Lie Yu-kou
  天下 - Tian Xia


Source: "The Writings of Chuang Tzu", James Legge, 1891

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